W Finanzas Corporativas is a specialized Corporate Finance Advisory firm, expert in providing technical support in Merger and Acquisition transactions in the Spanish mid-market, as well as financial and strategic consultancy around the world. Our main objective is to establish fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients through a sound commitment to excellence and effort, always focused in obtaining results. 

Our Core Values

In W Finanzas Corporativas we believe in solid values, based on which we provide the highest level of financial advisory.

  • Confidentiality. Our team of professionals is carefully selected taking into special account their professional ethics, which allows us to guarantee strict confidentiality and discretion in all our projects.
  • Professional Experience. Our company is formed by experienced professionals in investment banking and in all types of corporate transactions. We work in a flexible, dynamic and efficient way and we avoid useless bureaucracy. We proactively lead every client’s project; our fees are therefore mainly based on the project’s success.
  • Independence. We work with total independence of banks and investment funds, which allows us to offer impartial financial consultancy without being influenced by any outside interests: the solutions we provide will always be the most suitable for the client.

The Team

W Finanzas’ professionals have developed their careers in international investment banking and are highly experienced in providing financial advice. W Finanzas Corporativashas repeatedly worked for medium and large companies, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, in a very wide range of activity sectors:

  • Logistics and Transportation of People and Goods
  • Media and Telecommunications
  • Energy and Water
  • Pharmacy and Chemistry
  • Distribution
  • Leisure, Restoration and Tourism
  • Services (Security, Manteinance, etc.)
  • Real Estate Assets

Our team has completed Merger and Acquisition transactions with an aggregate value of over €2.6 billion, both nationally and internationally.