Sector: Water, Environment and Infrastructure Engineering. – Turnover: Annual Turnover over 10 m Euros.

The engineering sector was going through a very complex situation, so we identified new expansion areas for our company to go over it. Nonetheless, traditional financial institutions would give us no credit facilities. We hired W Finanzas Corporativas to help us in finding the resources we needed in order to develop our Business Plan. W Finanzas succeeded in obtaining the capital through Public Entities, taking care of the whole process. In view of the results, no doubt we would count on their services again in the future.

Mr Juan Torres – CEO – CGS Engineering

Sector: Building Materials. – Turnover: Sales over 20 m Euros.

We wanted to expand among countries in the North of Africa. We would start through Tunisia, since it is a very well located country and it would enable us to go on into Libya from there. We hired W Finanzas Corporativas’ consulting services to help us throughout the acquisition of certain Tunisian companies. W Finanzas obtained the resources we needed and negotiated with the local companies as well. We all appreciate working with good professionals.

Mr Skander Abbassi – Managing Director – SOVEMA

Sector: Industrial Services. – Turnover: Annual Turnover over 350 m Euros.

One of our participated companies was going through a difficult situation, so we hired W Finanzas Corporativas’ consulting services to help us reanalyze our Strategic Plan. W Finanzas suggested a financial and operative restructuring of the participated company as well as the closing of some of our Business Units. W Finanzas’ conclusions and recommendations made us make the right decisions. They did a great job. Congratulations.

Ms Rosario Arévalo – Environment Director – Enusa Industrias Avanzadas

Sector: Exclusive Tourism. – Turnover: Sales over 10 m Euros. – Countries: Spain and China. Soon in Mexico and Russia.

We hired W Finanzas Corporativas in December 2009 to help us restructure our business model as well as to coordinate a capital increase we were undertaking to develop our Business Plan. Thanks to W Finanzas’ analysis and financial rigor we made grate improvements in our results, and we are now even planning the opening of a new subsidiary in Mexico. We are still in touch with W Finanzas and we wouldn’t hesitate in working with them again if it were necessary.

Mr Pablo del Pozo – Managing Director – Nuba Expediciones

Sector: Pharmaceutical. – Turnover: Sales over 60 m Euros. – Countries: Spain, United States and South America.

We hired W Finanzas Corporativas to revise our Strategic Plan with the aim of boosting our company’s development. W Finanzas did a very good job: they did a financial and economic analysis of our business units, studied the main competitors and the markets in which we could expand. Hence we defined the guidelines we were going to follow. At the moment, W Finanzas acts as our consultant in the international expansion we are developing through the acquisition of local companies.

Mr Héctor Ara – Chairman – Suan Farma

Sector: R&D and Food Industry. – Turnover: Sales over 35 m Euros.

We hired W Finanzas Corporativas in September 2010 to define our Business Plan, to search for funds to develop our international expansion and to value our company. We are very pleased with the results of W Finanzas’ work, which was very professional and high quality. Thanks to W Finanzas we succeeded in our shareholders’ restructuring and we obtained the necessary funds to open our subsidiary in India. W Finanzas has become our trustworthy consultancy.

Mr Henrik Stamm – Chairman – Premium Ingredients