Integrated Legal Consultancy in Mergers and Acquisitions

W Finanzas Corporativas manages for its clients all types of business and corporate operations.  Purchases, sales and mergers of companies are our main area of activity, including highly specialized leveraged operations (LBO, MBO, LBI, MBI, OBO, BIMBO) or build-ups (growth via selective acquisitions).  In all cases, these are complex processes which imply crucial management decisions.

At W Finanzas Corporativas we offer our services in financial consultancy firmly convinced that our experience in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions, coupled with the dedication of our team of professionals, multiplies the possibilities of success and to a great extent decreases the risk involved in these types of operations.  This conviction is so strong that a large part of our fees are linked to achieving your objectives, which we consider the best way to gain your confidence.