W Finanzas Corporativasoffers a dynamic, demanding, multicultural and multidisciplinary working environment. All members are involved in every stage of every Project, from beginning to end. The team is formed by a small number of people, in the same proportion of men and women. They get highly involved in their everyday work, which fosters strong interpersonal ties, even beyond their professional lives.

Applicants’ Profile

In W Finanzas Corporativas, it is competitive, enthusiastic and rigorous profiles that prevail, people willing to learn and make big efforts. We are determined to attract and retain the best human capital. Responsibilities increase at a very high speed, so professional and personal development is always superior to what expected.


W Finanzas Corporativas keeps its Human Resources database updated, to efficiently face the Company’s current growth. CVs must be sent to info@wfinanzas.es, together with a Motivation Letter that details the job you wish to develop.